Sunday, March 28, 2010



  1. Reminds me of Simon Cutts' "seepage" (tho that, for him, was the title of a book. I'll be watching you in case you start writing a pwoermd a month. I began writing a book tonight, one I have to finish by April 30th by writing one poem a day. Here's the opening (discounting the title) of the opening poem:

    You are continuity
    I am stop

    Tenderness is the apprehension of pain
    Restrained to the smallest possible degree

    What ocean
    Do you believe in?

    What experience
    Do you desire?

    Allocation of attention
    Determines knowledge

    Such as a flower that
    Does not exist until
    You smell it with your nose
    Hidden in the night

    Disaggregate the world
    And you will see it apart
    From itself and scattered
    In fractions of attention