Sunday, May 22, 2011

Einstein on the Beach: The Changing Image of Opera (1985) . I first saw this documentary on a local PBS station, 25 or so years ago, on a very small black and white TV in the kitchen of the apartment we had in the old farm house on Brady Lake Rd. The place of many blueberry bushes. The place which earned daughter Claire her nickname Clairyberry. I used to hold toddler Claire in one arm while picking berries. She'd hold the pail. I'd put the berries in the pail. She'd scoop them out and eat them. One of my most treasured memories.

Anyway, my grandsons (Claire's children) stayed with us for several hours yesterday. Andy built many robots out of Legos. Ryan ate bananas and many soap bubbles were made and smashed by both of them with much glee.

I digress. I'm tired.

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