Monday, July 4, 2011

Treated myself and watched 2 movies today: Godard's Made In USA and Schnabel's Basquait. Loved them both.

I'd watched Basquait years ago, but hadn't seen the Godard. Which is weird because I've seen most of JLG's films several times and am generally obsessed with his work. I've even seen some of his Histoires du Cinema.


Thunder cracking. It might storm again. Or it's just heat games. I dunno.


Listening to the Stones Rarities album.


Lip-sunk thoughts

Trace a vein

Speech balloons

Leak language salts


Location's always between

Must things be named

Is this being consumed


Names disturb space

Sentences are fenced

Punctuation is ______







Every breath a _____

Here and there

That and that


1 comment:

  1. your words make me consider that the spaces between words is what makes them them.