Tuesday, November 29, 2011


John Bloomberg-Rissman has joined Maria Damon, and myself, as a co-curator at Ask/Tell.


  1. Great news Tom and John! For those who haven't read it, Tom's interview with Graham Harman is just ... amazing.

    Really amazing.

    Read it!:


    I'm currently reading Harman's Towards Speculative Realism but will get Circus Philosophicus as you suggest Tom.

    Take for instance just the beginning on the interaction of poetry and philosophy:

    Tom Beckett: I’m interested in intersections, crossroads, points of connection and departure. Is there a place, for you, where poetry and philosophy meet?

    Graham Harman: At times I wonder if they are different at all. This statement causes outrage for scientistic philosophy, with its insipid model opposing real facts outside the mind to arbitrary, decorative, poetic fictions inside the mind. I reject this scientistic model not for the “postmodernist” reason that everything is a poetic fiction inside the mind, but rather because everything is a poetic reality outside the mind.

    Hard to put it better...

    Speculative Realism is an incredibly fascinating contemp philo movement, and even though each member really has wildly different metaphysics, their lumping together still makes sense, at least in its vital products...

    I was lucky enough to hear Meillassoux speak at the ENS.

    One thought in my mind while reading: Spec Realism on Objectivism? Harman on Zukofsky?


  2. Thanks, Nicholas, for your comments. Can't say how jealous I am that you got to hear Meillassoux.