Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I've been thinking about the comments(3 of them so far) attached to  my previous post.  I'm hoping for more.

My sense of poetry as an innovative art is that it is epistemologically driven.  What one learns through the practice of art often can't be learned any other way.  Poetry as practice oscillates between science and religion (or, in my case, philosophy).  One writes to find what one can.  One writes to find out what one can do.  One writes to surprise oneself.

Limits run through everyone, everything.  I've often been dismayed by what I've done or didn't do.


Wittgenstein was the great philosopher of limits.  "The limits of my language," etc.  He was hugely preoccupied with his inability to attain certainty.

I am certain of my uncertainty. I'm unsure of my ontological status.

I'm sometimes curtains ruffled by the wind, sometimes currants being eaten by a monkey.

Whatever writing I do may only matter to me.

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  1. I am certain of my uncertainty. I feel the same way. Poetry helps me to discover something about myself and the world. It is a journey of uncertainty...