Sunday, February 23, 2014

I'm weary of winter.  Weary of grayness and cold.  February's the cruelest month, Possum.


I'm waiting to hear if an artist I admire will consent to an interview with me.

I'm also waiting, counting the hours, until I have lunch tomorrow with an old friend who is very important to me.  He's leaving the US on Wednesday to take up residence in Nicaragua.  It's quite likely I'll never see him again which only adds another layer to my seasonal depression.

I wait, too, for some revelation about how to proceed with Appearances.

And I wait for news about Dipstick(Diptych) which I heard a week or so ago is rumored ready for the printer.


Since Appearances isn't being cooperative I think I'm going to start reading through some old word files with an eye toward assembling a new collection.  This would entail reworking some pieces.  Might be good therapy.


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