Monday, March 24, 2014

Earlier today I was trying to bend a note by pushing a string up a full step.  Of course the results weren't quite what I'd hoped for, but then I remembered an interview where Clapton was asked if he still practiced. Clapton replied that he still practiced bending notes.  That comforted me.

I should have started guitar at 16.  Not 60. But physically and psychologically it wouldn't have been possible for me in 1969.


Hindsight is a preoccupation of mine lately.  I tend to recognize things at a remove but not so much in the moment.

Guitar is all about being in the moment.


Wrote the first new fragment for Appearances in 2 months.  Worked on a single sentence, off and on, for the last 4 hours.

Am also fiddling with the beginnings of a lyric poem and doing a new collaborative sequence with Thomas Fink.

What tends to get me through projects isn't stellar intelligence.  It's stubbornness.  Persistence matters as much as anything.  Something I need to remind myself of when I'm tempted to smash the guitar, shred the manuscript,  or delete the blog.


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