Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Am Not Protected

I am not protected
Against 500,000 definitions.

I am a mouth
And an asshole.

I am a series
Of interruptions.

I am a vanishing point
Of semblance.

I am left over
And left out,
The remainder of
Something divided.

I am too much
To believe.

I am you
And you are me.

I am leaking.
I am a witness.

I am listening.

I am too many

I am
No one.

I am (pick
Your descriptor).

I am not
Italicized, not
Enclosed within
Quotation marks,
Or am I?

I am
A price
Of being.

I am
A type
Of (fill
In the blank).

I am the product
Of many collaborations.

I am
Already forgotten.

I am
A broken fence.

I am defences.

I am
All appetite.

I am
Yawning widely.

I am
An unsteady beat.

I am
A kind
Of understudy.

I am
Three chords
And a chameleon.

I am
A robot.

I am
A lined notebook.

I am aroused
By the unknowable.
(You, for example,
Dear Reader.)

I am
A sentence.

I am
A problem,
An inconclusive postscript.

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