Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Left work 2 hours early today. Wanted to get a start on another round of snow shoveling. Also just wanted to be away from work. After almost 33 years in the same job, I have a level of comfort but am also a bit weary. Sometimes I think that working in local government is a sign of my commitment. Sometimes I think it is a sign that I should be committed (to, you know, a mental institution).

There's so much anti-government sentiment out there right now. Sentiments rational and not. It is not tyrannical for government to insist on environmental health standards and food safety. It's not tyrannical to say: hey, think about your neighbors and those fellow citizens you don't know.


Read Don Delillo's latest the other day. Now I want to see 24 Hour Psycho.


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  1. I saw (awhile ago, a segment of) the 24 Hour Psycho -- now I want to read Delilo's book. what I thought about the film was: you could deeply learn acting by watching this - how the body is inhabited in each microsecond of a gesture - not 'the body inhabits' the scene but 'is inhabited' throughout the scene. at that speed there is no between, no empty space, but continual presence. perhaps this is because at that speed the destination - the end of the gesture - becomes irrelevant.