Thursday, November 25, 2010

I've skipped out on today's Thanksgiving celebration since I have an upper respiratory infection ,and am seriously allergic to cats, making dinner at Barb's brother's house in Cleveland out of the question. Am enjoying the peace and quiet. A peace and quiet punctuated by David Byrne singing in the background and the dishwasher slogging along.

Today,when I haven't been puttering about the house or helping Barb get things together to take to her brother's house, I've been listening to music while reading Paul Auster's new book and Lissa Wolsak's Squeezed Light. Lissa and I had a pretty close epistolary friendship for a couple of years. It's very moving to me reading through her book and re-living some of our exchanges, seeing something of the trace of days long past. She's sui generis.


David Byrne's singing "Time is a pony ride," and you know, I can't begin to argue with that.

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