Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I’ve never
Been one.

Flesh of
A scent
Imagined release.

One answers
To you.


You – no
Answer – who.

Always in
The middle
Of extending.

Is not
Being voiced.


Lack of
A member
(a club).

With it
In an.

Blank, blank,
Blank, etc.


I’ve never
Been you.

One imagined
Scent to
Fleshed answer.

Blanked surfeit
Of surfacings.


Sucking some-
One in.

No out
Being either
You nor.

Note netted
Voice of.


Turned for
To make.

Our tale
A limit
One encounters.

Everything else
In reverse.


Is this
Mirror only
Missing what
Is legible?

One draws
A blank.

You surfeit.


I’ve never
Been imagined.

Answer scent
Extending voice
In else.

One turn
To of.


Believe it
Or not.

Impaled by
Strips of
One’s appearances.

As implied
Always in.


Applied to
Your self.

What adheres
At present
One asks.

Believe in.
Believe out.

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