Monday, July 8, 2013

numbers band

Can't seem to find my way back to Appearances at the moment.  Doesn't matter how long I stare at the screen.


Listening to Robert Cray:  "The forecast calls for pain."

Thinking about guitar chords.  Thinking about singing and playing at the same time.  Thinking about singing off the beat while playing an instrument.  Thinking I need to be become more fearless in my old age.


This past Saturday went downtown to the Heritage Fest to hear the Numbers Band.  Alex, you'll appreciate this--after listening to their set I stood in line to buy a CD from Bob Kidney.  We hadn't seen one another for a long time.  He said to me, "What the fuck, how is it you look so good?"  I said something about yeah but looking in the mirror and seeing my Dad lately.  He replied:  "Dad, what you doing there.  You're dead."  Oh my that was a memorable exchange.  My Dad is not dead btw, but a lot telescoped there in that brief exchange.


I picked a little more than a pint of raspberries in the back yard this afternoon.  They're the only rubies I need.  They won't be around too much longer.


Damn vacuum cleaner.  I hate my fucking Hoover vacuum cleaner.  It sucks through the wand but not the sweeper part.  I battle with the god damn thing all the time.  If I had a shot gun I would take that vacuum into the back yard and shoot it.  Of course, I wouldn't point the gun in the direction of the raspberries.  I'm just saying, inferior tools make life maddening.



  1. wd love to have been there. Bob & I keep current via Facebook.

  2. Just can't bring myself to do the Facebook thing.

  3. here it's a bumper year
    for black rasdberries
    wild and in stupendous profusion
    after our summer of rain and mo' rain
    and the blackberries will be even more profuse

    sort of a making amends
    for the washed out garden
    which STILL hasn't dried out enough
    to plant anything

    (you're right not to join Facebook)

  4. The rain is getting old (me too).