Saturday, October 19, 2013

I was slow walking chromatic scales in triplets.  Fingers tripped over one another at times.  Forward and backward and then all over again.    Earlier in the day I'd read in Tim Morton's Realist Magic this bit about "Cantor dust"...

"Think of a straight line.  Then break it into two pieces by chopping the middle third out.  Now you have a beat, the space between the lines; and two beats, the lines.  Then chop the middle thirds out of those lines. You have some more beats.  And more beats-as-lines.  Eventually you end up with Cantor dust.  It is named after Georg Cantor, the mathematician who discovered transfinite sets--infinite sets of numbers that appeared to be far larger (infinitely larger) than other sets of infinite numbers.  Cantor dust is weird, because it has infinity pulses in it, and infinity no-pulses.  Infinity beats and infinity beats-as-lines..."

Tom Beckett can't play guitar, but he is trying to find his way in the midst of Cantor dust and infinity beats-as-lines.

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