Thursday, May 22, 2014

Short of being a baby, a literal newly born baby, can any of us claim an unfettered view of things, an unmediated view of reality?  And even a baby, really, might not be so unfettered.  I remember that when B. was pregnant with our first we were obsessed with Keith Jarrett's Koln Concerts, played them over and over.  When M. was born, and in the house, we played that music still. She seemed to recognize it.  It settled her down. So that's something to think about, no?


I spent the morning with my grandson Ryan. He's six. We're becoming better and better friends.  Starting to key in on one another's senses of humor among other things.  We make great animal sounds together.  I do a great combo number in which a cow and a cat work together, "mmooomiaou!"  I'm just sayin'.  I've got a million of them.


Poetry, for me, is an always unfinished project in which one tries to find out what one can recognize and maybe know.


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  1. I've always wanted to interview you Tom. Now I feel like you've answered a couple of my questions. An itch scratched.