Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Listening to Miles at the Fillmore, wrestling with Appearances and profound depression.


In March the great Robert Cray will be back in town at the Kent Stage!  I've heard him at that venue twice before and am looking forward to hearing him again.


I found this footnote in Zizek's Absolute Recoil: Towards A New Foundation of Dialectical Materialism interesting:

In India, thousands of impoverished intellectual workers are employed in what are ironically called "like-farms":  they are (miserably) paid to spend the whole day in front of a computer screen endlessly clicking "like" buttons on pages requesting visitors to "like" or "dislike" a specific product.  In this way, a product can be made to appear very popular and thereby seduce ignorant prospective customers into buying it (or at least checking it out), following the logic of "there must be something in it if so many customers are so satisfied!"  So much for the reliability of customer reactions...(I owe this information to Saroj Giri, New Delhi).



"Some eyes are mirrors.

Some eyes are holes."

(from Appearances)


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  1. Wow! (re that India footnote). Says so much about the age we're in...