Saturday, February 7, 2015

Thank you, Alex

This morning there was a large package on our front porch which apparently had been delivered unnoticed yesterevening via UPS.  It was from Alex Gildzen.  Alex has been downsizing lately and surprising friends with things he has acquired over the years.

Alex gifted me with a lovely  Romertopf clay baking vessel, a copy of Jumping Over the Moon ( a new chapbook of erotic poems by Alex from Green Panda Press), and a matchbook cover from "The Stinking Rose," a restaurant with locations in San Francisco and Beverly Hills.

"The Stinking Rose."  I really like that name.

I'm looking forward to cooking something in the Romertopf which Alex wrote in a handwritten note was originally a gift from Paul and Nancy Metcalf.  A nice association there, for sure.

And I'm enjoying Alex's chapbook of short, vivid, sexy poems.  Find a copy if you can, it's a lovely read.

Thank you, Alex.


  1. clay cracks. so I'm glad the Romertopf arr'd in tact. if you've never used one you mite wish to begin with fish. I used to have a cookbook just for that vessle but can no longer find it. but I suspect you have locate recipes online.