Sunday, April 5, 2015

One of the books I've been reading lately is Anne Carson's The Albertine Workout (New Directions, 2014), a brilliant essay in numbered segments on Proust's Albertine.  This little nugget has been reverberating in my brain pan all day:

"Adjectives are the handles of Being.  Nouns name the world, adjectives let you get hold of the name and keep it from flying all over your mind like a pre-Socratic explanation of the cosmos."
                                                                ( appendix 15)


Tomorrow it will be two weeks since I sent Appearances out for consideration.  Am anxious for feedback.  Will not be at ease until I get a sense of whether or not the thing will find a home.


Have started collaborating on a play with Thomas Fink.  It's early days but we seem off to a good beginning.


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  1. Tom, thank you for your sharing the anchoring power of your being.