Monday, May 11, 2015

Things are moving rather quickly now with my book. The cover's pretty much set and I just emailed the corrected text to Moria editor, William Allegrezza.  This time around I didn't ask anyone for blurbs.  Instead I wrote this little paragraph for the back cover:

Appearances: A Novel In Fragments is a genre bending philosophical jam session peopled by the performance art power trio Vaudeville without Organs, Desire, the Subject, an (occasional) Other, Science, Art, Politics, Love, History, It, the Author, the Virtual and the Real ,not to mention Chalk Outlines and two shadows (both of whom are AWOL from their respective bodies and wielding sharp instruments).  Much of the book’s action takes place in a subterranean dive bar called The Cave. Plato might not be rolling in his grave, but he’s probably thinking “WTF?”


  1. It's out! Congrats! And fabulous cover by Marton!!

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