Sunday, September 12, 2010

Am swamped at work and physically and emotionally, mentally exhausted most of the time lately. Looking forward to a staycation in another week. I need some space to think and feel my way through some things.


It's starting to become real to me that, by and by, EXPOSURES will be published and that that two year writing project will see the light of day. I think it represents a turning point. Just as Vanishing Points of Resemblance did. EXPOSURES, I should say, is VPoR continued in a different fleshier register.


I've been savouring philosopher Michel Serres' prose in Genesis (University of Michigan Press, 1995):

"Of old I told the example of the cloud, I told of the concept of a nebulous set. I sketched the fringe of the flame, fluctuating with time; I never attempted to conceive of the multiple as such, directly, without ever allowing unification to come to its aid. I am trying here to raise the brackets and parentheses, syntheses, whereby we shove multiplicities under unities. That is the object of this book: the multiple. Can I possibly speak of multiplicity itself without ever availing myself of the concept? I am attempting to open up certain black boxes where it is hidden away, some of the deep freezes in which it has been frozen, a few of the soundproof rooms where it remains mute. Hopelessly, I am attempting to open up Pandora's little casket.

Whence comes the flood, or pandemonium."

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