Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This sentence extrudes a ladder.

Every sound wrung an interruption.

Language grids support the inexplicable.

Not many are thought.

Glottal stop restarting things.

Whispers are what.

Intimations of explanations contradicted or understood.

Shadowy theories of dreams.

“…perpetual allegories.”

Boundaries of person and perception.

Production and reproduction of

Improper names. The capacity to register separations.

Lists as grammars. Or syntax. One forges, forgets.

Pronouns always cancel something. When self-consciousness sleeps conscience awakens. Or should that be reversed?

Dislocation is indissoluble. Depth on the surface.

Language as shrinkage. A sentence nearly always a cul-de-sac.

Not about. Booting.

Actuality, at least in part, a series of vocabulary problems.

“The axis of vision is not coincident with the axis of things, and so they appear not transparent but opake.”

The importance of, gasp, gaps.

Asserting presence between.

Look at that. Look at this. Look at these, too. Always in the middle of things pointing.

Sleep peels everything gauzy or raw.

No concession (or only concessions) to intoxications of mistaken awakenings.
Articles almost always wrong.


Whatever falls away into unreliable narrations.

Try to assimilate a version of oneself through a sieve.

Every body perceives.

Between frames of falling.

What is that I’m watching? What do I know? Questions might well be the substrate of sleep.

Axis of things rising.

Nexus of denial.

Sleep projects its own sovereignity.

Sex sometimes exceeds its denouement.

“Even the corpse has its own beauty.”

A fact is an end, only.

Echoes adumbrate fading points of view.

Amplifications of also and never.

Ramifications of moreover.

What you’d better believe.

What I’d better confess.

Is safety an accident?

Thought must
Come out,

If only
As names.

“Thought constitutes
Personality.” This

Is not
Mine in

Our absence,
Circle or


I am subdivided within.

Can surroundings be

Punctuation too?

All-over allegory.

Do it over.

Oh, baby!

Repetition and ignition.

Repetition and masturbation.

The genital influence.

Perennial concerns.

Sweet confusions and dark bruises.

One wants. One wants more.

Masks. Marks.

An outline.

Multiple signs and symptoms.

Eyes stare back.

I and I and I.

In the broken plane of our mirror.

Images are sensations.

Scenarios, then.

What happened.

Things alleged to have occurred.

In fits.

Torso in a mirror.

Punctured situations.

Rapture and rupture

Are closer

Than near homophones.

When one


In disappearing,

What goes

Without saying?

NB: All quoted material is from the work of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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