Saturday, April 30, 2011

Otoliths Is Five Years Old and...

Issue 21 is live! I'm happy to have work in the issue and to be in such good company. Happy Birthday, Otoliths! And thank you, Mark Young, for keeping this vibrant registry of contexts in play.

And speaking of Mark Young, he has a new book out from Dysphasia Press (no contact info is provided in the book, nor is a price noted, so I'm not sure what that says about availability*). It is a stunner called Geographies.

If you are a regular reader of Mark's personal blog you'll be familiar with this recent series of often hysterically funny poems. Here's one of my favorites (and one of the most brief):


Courtesans a-
bound in the
grounds of
the Grand Mal
Croquet Club.

I want to say that, often when reading Mr. Young, I tend to have elliptical seizures.

*contact me, if interested, and I'll send you the ground address of Dysphasia Press.

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