Saturday, April 16, 2011

Recently Received

Nancy Huth's A Space for It

Nancy Huth's chapbook in the this is visual poetry series from is an investigative tour de forceItalic. Photos, of interiors usually--but also, usually, exteriors are bleeding in. A few words arrayed across the surface of each mise en scene. The one word which always recurs being "it." So, literally, each page is a space for "it." I hope many readers will find a space for this book in their libraries.

<p>Po Doom by Jim McCrary (Hanks Original Loose Gravel Press, PO Box 453, Arroyo Grande, CA 93421) $7. The crankmeister is back, ripping and tripping and consigning yours truly to "couplet counseling" among other things.

Peace Conference by Thomas Fink ( Marsh Hawk Press ) . Fink is at the top of his game. Which is something to see and savour. He is a master of open, shaped sequences which continue from book to book. More of his Yinglish Strophes, Dented Reprises and Nonce Sonnets, among other things. I'm particularly taken though by his extraordinary new series, Dusk Bowl Intimacies. I'll be awhile trying to learn from and absorb this important volume.

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