Saturday, April 23, 2011

Read and Recommended

O Fallen Angel by Kate Zambreno (Chiasmus Press, 2009). A terrific first novel in which three voices grasp for purchase on reality. A terribly beautiful feminist parable.

Where Art Belongs by Chris Kraus (Semiotexte(e), 2011). Searching art journalism. I, for one, want to read everything Chris Kraus writes.

The Name of This Intersection Is Frost by Maryrose Larkin (Shearsman Books, 2010). When I interviewed Anne Gorrick for Eileen Tabios' e-zine Galatea Resurrects, Anne quoted Maryrose as saying "It's better to be adventurous than good." That advice made me want to check out this writer. I've not been disappointed.

Capital by Giles Goodland (Salt, 2006). A masterful work of sampling. The zeitgeist explored through every nuance and connotation of "capital. " A beautiful and profound book.


  1. Two of these writers were on my radar, the others were not.

    Thanks for the heads up, well worth checking out.

    Keep'em coming, Tom

    Best Wishes

    Miggy Angel

  2. Miggy,

    And thank you for yr recent post on one of my first loves, Joan Miro.