Friday, June 22, 2012

OK. Barring something unforeseen, it looks like I'll be reading at the Kent State Library on the main campus in the fall. Details to be posted as it becomes more official.


This is a piece of something I wrote today:

Fragments of
The world

Look at
A world

Perspective is always more partial (in all senses) than one knows.



The Grey Album: On the Blackness of Blackness by Kevin Young

Love in a Dark Time and Other Explorations of Gay Lives and Literature by Colm Toibin

How Should a Person Be? by Sheila Heti

How Should a Person Be? is a great title, isn't it?


I'm making a big batch of my legendary spaghetti sauce. Otherwise known as "Magic". It's a three or so hour process:

crushed tomatoes,

tomato paste,




bay leaf,




ground beef (or sausage),

red wine

It's all about a long slow simmer. And if you don't like meat, leave it out. Just don't leave out the other stuff.

I'm making it now not so much because I want it as that I want to make it. We'll surely eat it for dinner tonight but then I'll pack a bunch away in the freezer to pull out when needed for us or a relative or friend.


I was really happy to see the Miami Heat win the NBA Finals last night.

I'm a fan of the NBA. Having Lebron play in this area for awhile was great. Was sorry he left, didn't like the way he left, but understood why he left. And I do love that Wade/Bosh/Lebron trio. Seeing Miller streak with the threes incredibly beautiful too.

Now I can't wait for next season. When I'll get back to the basics of rooting for the Cavaliers and watching the Heat on the down low.



  1. I would love to hear you read. And to meet you. What do you do to the carrots? Do you sautee them? And no onions? This looks like a terrific recipe.

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    Who knows, maybe I'll make it to Seattle one of these days. Nico V. has indicated that there might be reading opportunites.

    It's a good sauce. I don't sautee the carrots. I cut them pretty thick and chunky. Even after simmering for a couple of hours they come out slightly al dente.

  3. Oh I love carrots and have seen Nico read many times. I am working toward leaving the house. It's a long hard work but I'm moving forward with it all the time.

  4. Rebecca,

    I hope you keep working at it. The world needs you in it.