Thursday, November 29, 2012

I don't think the spouse is too pleased with my having acquired the new guitar.  It doesn't quite fit with the poet nerd thing cultivated over the last 37 years or so (I know).  I'm not trying to be a "guitar hero".  It's more a matter of trying to do a little bit of something I never thought I could do.

I like the acoustic guitar.  I love how the electric sustains the notes--the extension of sound.

Here's what the new axe looks like.  It's cheap, but sweet like me.


  1. What do you play it thru? I mean, what kind of amp & stuff?

  2. What I like is that any sound on an electric guitar seems intentional and legitimate. Have fun, Tom!

  3. Congrats, Tom. Have fun, as Nancy says, and shred til yr ears bleed. But what I'm waiting for is the big hair and the spandex pants.

  4. rock&roll, tom!
    hopefully you don't go the route john is waiting for. big hair and spandex was ugly the first go-around. instead cultivate a sneer, wear torn jeans and wail at your ax like a madman swinging a dead chicken as a machete: get all punk.

    we got nick an electric guitar and amp for his birthday, which is on 12/12/12. i'll let you know how that turns out.

    as sammy haggar said, 'i can't drive 55!'

  5. Hofner CT Shorty with a Fender Frontman?
    "Have Guitar -- Will Travel"

  6. I'm not sure what travels, Fred. I know though that given enough attitude a certain "whangdangdoodle" will persist across space and time.