Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The spouse will be returning tomorrow.  I miss her intelligence, warmth and love, but I'm glad she was there for our daughter and her new child.  Especially because of her intelligence, warmth and love.

I had a couple of good guitar moments today.  I was experimenting with using my index finger as a slide and improvising with the plectrum--strumming and hitting notes.  I got to a different, freer place.

Was lonely this afternoon so walked downtown for a snack--calamari and wine.  Had a good conversation with the restaurant owner, one of his managers, a bartender and a waitperson.  Reminisced a bit.  This is a place I've been in and out of for 40 years.  It felt good.

I've been getting too isolated lately.  Not getting out enough, not talking to people enough.  It's a problem.  I can see it.

I'm slowly adding to Appearances.  I can't help but wonder what David Bromige would have made of this manuscript.  He always had a penchant for showing the mechanics behind a piece, revealing the Wizard behind the curtain, going meta but with a wink.

As I get older and come to understand that my work is probably going to be lost when I'm gone, I vacillate between  extremes of emotion.

Between is the keyword of the day.


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  1. sounds like your doing okay from here. yeah, when working was around a lot of people but....but not really engaged past work stuff. now more time alone (except for www) and after couple years, feels okay. it is easy to engage, especailly after having been, like you, in this town so long.

    DB never very far from my thoughts. he was a master.

    just other day reading danial davidson...god damn what a loss...and lost too i guess. so lucky to spend a bit of time with him.

    tom...i will take you with me when i go. hows that.