Friday, November 23, 2012

The spouse is on the East coast with my daughter and the new baby.  I'm in Ohio holding down the home front.

Yesterday the weather was beautiful.  Today it's cold and there are predictions of snow showers later this evening and for the next few days.

When I haven't been doing family related things or household chores I've been reading or practicing guitar.

Writing doesn't seem possible lately.  I have less and less the sense that there is an audience for the work I want to do.

"Everything is
not connected"

but any
thing is

connected to
some other

thing, is
it not?

I had Thanksgiving dinner with my youngest daughter and her family.  It was a nice visit, but I'm allergic to animal dander so am suffering a bit today.

I enjoyed interacting with my two grandsons.  The older one, Andy (he's 6), asked me how time was invented.  What a great question.  I responded that it probably came about when people observed that different things happened at different parts of the day--that it got light and dark-- and that there are seasons. Andy said "Oh, but how do you make a clock?'

I had to respond that I didn't know.  What I probably should have said is that he should ask his father who is a mechanical engineer.

Hmm.  I like questions.  Sometimes kids ask the best ones.


  1. Hi, Tom. 1) You have an audience of one, at least. 2) re: your grandson, I can't believe you didn't point him to Kant's first Critique, at least to the chapter on time and space as a prioris! Seriously, grandkids are wonderful. We'll spend tomorrow wiih ours.

  2. Hi John,

    I've never read Kant, so I couldn't have recommended that text. And I wasn't at home so couldn't find my copy of John Taggart's "How to Construct a Clock." Oh well.

    Have a good visit with your grandkids.

  3. An audience reminds me of an open clock, constructed by someone who has never taken an engineering course.

  4. You write it dude and we will read it. Count on that and not how many. Think about the 'best' readings you attended....probably not in a room full of 100 people....maybe 10-12, maybe 4-5. That's what it is...a small, attentive audience. Take care.

  5. You're much saner these days than me, Jim. Thanks.