Wednesday, July 16, 2014

In a past post I alluded to my magazine The Difficulties eventual appearance online.  The curator of the project had told me it was going to be up and accessible in a few weeks.  I waited a year without hearing anything further, then emailed asking what if any progress had been made with the project.  I waited another month without a response.  So yesterday I wrote withdrawing permission for The Diff's reissue online. Interestingly, that got a rapid response.

I won't work with people who won't communicate with me.  No matter who they are or how nice they might be in other circumstances.  When someone initiates a project and doesn't exercise the minimum amount of courtesy, that's the end of things.


  1. Well done. I fucking hate it when editors/publishers treat writers as chattel. I know we'll see it soon. I so believe in you.