Saturday, May 11, 2013

Alex Gildzen's BLOSSOMS

Blossoms is a selection of poems spanning the years 1955-2013.  A publication in celebration of Alex's 70th birthday (as one can read on the cover reproduced above).  It's only 50 pages long ,only 50 pages (it's really never been about size for me),  but worlds are contained in its words.

There's much good stuff in this collection, but I'm really fond of the 17 part sequence Life is Art.  I want to call attention to part 11:

"phallic hymn"

don't be redundant

You can buy the book direct from Night Ballet Press here.

Congrats, Alex!

PS: I love the way the ink of this book smells.


  1. thx Tom. you've publishd me & interviewd me over the years. but I'm always happiest remembering when we laugh together. I envy yr time with Mr. Fink at the first museum of my life & a restaurant I know. hope we can do that before we forget who the other is.