Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I call the high E string the first string and the low E string the 6th string because that's what I cobbled together from a self-instruction manual.  I've seen some contradictory things on the internest.

Sometimes I think the internest should stick to cat videos.

Sometimes I think I should have stuck with air guitar.

I progress very slowly with the guitar and then I get stuck.  Lot of fumbly stuckness lately.  That's not a fret board, it's a fart barred.  And pressure's building.

Of course, getting stuck is part of the process of learning.  At least it has always been so for me.  I learn in eccentric and asymmetrical ways.


  1. For what it's worth, today's viola practice was hard, like climbing a mountain with no top in sight. I could *hear* what I couldn't do, which seemed to be just about everything. But I took the attitude you are taking, that "getting stuck" is part of the process. Keep on wailin on them strings!