Friday, December 13, 2013

Guitar class is on hiatus now until the next "semester" begins in February.  Last night Jim spent an hour explaining what and how he wants me to practice until we start up together again.  Since the end of September I've had twenty lessons and built up to practicing around 2 hours a day.

It looks like the new regime Jim's urging me toward will be  3 or more hours a day.  Until, that is, I internalize it all and get faster.  Geeze, I hope I can get faster.  And I hope I can manage that regime.

When I set out to learn something about the guitar, I really had no idea what I was getting into--no idea what a physical and emotional process learning an instrument is.

My fingers are toughening up.  I'm conscious of them in a different way now.  For example, the pads of my fingers feel different when I type than they used to.


It's pretty damn cold here.


Looks like I'll probably be reading at the Marsh Hawk Press book launch at Poets House in New York City (Aprilish).  Details to follow as they firm up.


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