Monday, December 23, 2013

Two great pieces of mail today:

1/ a real, handwritten letter from Rebecca Loudon
2/ Sheila Murphy's annual holiday poem.

Both made me exceedingly happy.


Appearances is the craziest project I've tackled to date.  Two years in and I have very little idea where it's going from section to section.  I have parallel feelings about learning guitar.  These two endeavors--the biggest writing project I've attempted so far and trying to discover what relation to making music is possible for me--have truly tested the limits of my resolve.


I'm not a big fan of Ohio winters. But there's something about a winter day when the leaves are off the trees and light comes unimpeded through our house's windows.


Thank you Rebecca and Sheila for the light you sent my way.



  1. Tom, I am very happy that you received the poem and that it brought you light. I love reading your blog.