Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Guitars are sensitive to temperature changes.

Robots are just sensitive.  Period.

Instruments of our desire have feelings.  OK?


  1. OK. Got up the other morning to find my C string detuned so far I thought someone must have messed with it during the night, but it was just the sudden absence of humidity. But it wasn't crying.

  2. Do you tune by ear, John? I confess that I can't. I use one of those little Korg graphing tuners.

  3. I still have my step-father's piano tuning forks though they're just memento mori. He did teach me how to tune a piano when I was nine. I have AP though I use an A-440 tuning for for my violin.

    Violins are extremely sensitive to temperature and even emotional changes. Pressure on the bow can untune a string. Did you know that Beethovens string quartet opus 131 has seven movements that are supposed to be played straight through? Our quartet is working on it. Naturally the instruments will get a bit out of tune so you have to listen very carefully and adjust adjust adjust as you go. It's daunting.