Thursday, April 24, 2014

Feeling kind of desultory.  "Desultory" is a word I associate with Robert Creeley, by the way.  For whatever that's worth.

Words lead one wherever one might go.  It's hard to parse.


I'm listening to Family Style  (the Brothers Vaughan).


I'm thinking this summer I should concentrate on learning how to play the circle of fourths.


Poetry, philosophy, painting have always been mixed up in my head.

I have a history with practicing poetry and thinking philosophy.  Painting has always been an unrealized yearning.  Much like music.

While in Port Jeff' with Tom Fink I got a sense of his painting process.  After a guitar session, he showed me how he started his canvases.  It made me want to paint.


I crave surrounds of sound, color, meaning, flesh...

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