Monday, April 28, 2014

Listening to the great Lou Ann Barton.


Writing has been a struggle lately.  I'm stuck at an impasse in Appearances.  Also the publication of Dipstick (Diptych) and the NY trip have been distractions (good distractions, but distractions nonetheless).

It's repeatedly been the case that when a new book comes out I find it hard to start over again on new projects until the hangover of the past/just published writing begins to recede.


Interesting email from Anne Gorrick today.  She was thinking out loud about the use of repetition in writing.  It's a major area of interest for me.

Repetition, near repetition and mutations, figure significantly in my work.  They're not easy to use effectively though.

I don't think I can write interestingly about repetition, but I do think that I have written interestingly at times using different principles of repetition.


Breathe in, breathe out.  Continue...


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