Friday, January 21, 2011


Maria Damon has kindly volunteered to co-curate ASK/TELL.

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  1. So -- a female lark who decided to bury Her own dead father in the back of Her head is a possibility for where memory begins... born both of grief and expediency, combining... it's the pro-active ingredient of this tale that most intrigues me : She solves a dilemma in one dimension by creating an entirely new dimension, internally. With regard to my own sense of poetry, memory is indeed a dimension,
    one to which the composition & performance of poetry is added, is inserted, which of course has unprecedented repercussions all around: Memory as a "place within" capable of admitting & storing dynamics that are self-generated, rather than a somewhat passive "place" from which barely comprehended trace elements pull at us & influence us without our "consent." Poetry composition & performance conditions itself by bathing its own dynamism therein, altering what Memory's utilities might consequently wreak. Another image of course is of the snake swallowing its own tail, a notably darker possibility....