Sunday, January 2, 2011

We saw Black Swan yesterday. Loved it. Still a little haunted by it, too. It's a great study in the othering that art is.



  1. I thought so. Quite unnerving and beautifully so.

  2. Me too. I loved being able to hear the dancers on the floor the sound of their toe shoes. It was just like playing in the pit for the ballet. What a terrific fairy tale yes and it also reminded me a little of Jelenik's The Piano Teacher a little bit. In flavor.

  3. Yeah, Rebecca, I didn't think of The Piano Teacher, but you're right.

    My oldest daughter, Mischa, did classical ballet for 13 years, was on track to be a professional dancer and got dealt out through injuries. So I saw the film through many filters.

    The dance sequences were very good.