Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Thus we must stress that the Nietzschean 'neutrality of life' is not some wide, blossoming meadow in which, so to speak, every cow is black, and we can joyfully jump around in any direction we please. It looks much more like the edge of a sheet of paper, separating and, at the same time, holding together the two surfaces. This neutrality is not some kind of grounding or basis, the background of differences and distinctions; it is located in the very midst of these distinctions as the stuff from which these distinctions are made -- meaning that it exists only as an edge. This is also why the points of breaking, rapture, or crisis are often the points where, one could say, this 'stuff' becomes visible, perceptible. And, of course, it is also why anyone who wants to be up to (the task of) this 'middle' has to have the skill, concentration, strength, and light, nimble ease of a tightrope walker."

--Alenka Zupancic, from The Shortest Shadow

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