Monday, January 17, 2011

Just Sent This As An E-mail, Now I'm Sending It To All Of You Whose E-addresses I'm Too Lazy To Look For Now

Dear Friend of Poetry, Dear Lover of the Arts of Engagement:

I’m starting a new blog of interviews/exchanges/engagements. You may recall my earlier outing with E-X-C-H-A-N-G-E-V-A-L-U-E-S (, a site which presented in-depth interviews with contemporary innovative poets.
The new blog, ASK/TELL ( ,hopes to build and expand upon that previous project by encouraging exchanges about poetics and the poetics of experience in a variety of formats. I am particularly interested in cross-disciplinary conversations/exchanges. Imagine a poet and a philosopher talking. Or a poet and an ecologist. Imagine exchanges that stretch what it means to interrogate reality. Imagine exchanges which change the ways in which we think about poetics. I’m looking for work that takes some risks.

I’m open to proposals for projects and I’m interested in taking on a motivated co-curator.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Tom Beckett

PS: Please feel free to circulate this message.


  1. I for one look forward to seeing how this develops/ evolves...

  2. Proposed :
    the Will to Clarity

    no matter
    what it takes

    paths / intentions / proclivities
    submissive propensities /

    it is a possible world
    we live in, it
    wouldn’t be possible for

    it to be otherwise now

    would it ?

    Was the question
    once upon a time

    ( the Tom Beckett I knew & know in
    a parallel life might dig it you just
    never know ... the possibility of him
    back then, being that

  3. an addendum to the above :

    memory as part of poetry has always interested me, particularly in the matter of performative recitation of one's own work -- to do so from memory draws on one's own deepest convictions as a poet, those kinds of convictions that are there in the very Blood of memory...

    I'd love to have a cross-disciplinary chat with Oliver Sacks about it.