Monday, January 31, 2011

Reading Notes

Graham Harman's Circus Philosophicus is one of the most interesting books of philosophy I've read in some time. Each chapter develops a different myth to illuminate the author's object-oriented philosophy.

The first chapter describes a ferris wheel which is miles in diameter. It carries many, many objects far above the earth and far beneath it. Relations are established between its occupants and its observers.

In chapter two: a bridge from which things are dropped and a series of "show trials" of pre-Socratic philosophers.

In chapter three: calliope as animalcule --circus music does Leibnizian metaphysics.

Fourth chapter: offshore drilling rig as reductive deity.

Chapter 5: a haunted boat in the waters near Hiroshima "is the basis not only of aesthetic experience, but of physical causation as well..."

Final chapter: "a theory of relationless entities" under the sign of a sleeping zebra.


  1. It's nice watching the speculative philosophy begin to leak into in the poetosphere ... this is the kind of reason I thought Tim Morton and Brenda Iijima might enjoy a chat.One of these days, maybe ...

  2. I'm taking this to chicago as my *fun read book* by bog tom you influence me in strange and powerful ways.

    wv : splead

    I have no idea but it made me laugh. It's a funny word naturally. Like pants.

  3. Rebecca,

    I hope you have a safe, happy and productive stay in Chicago.


  4. John,

    I suspect the "speculative" philosophers will have a huge influence on poets over the course of time. And I continue to hope that you might find a way to bring Iijima and Morton together in conversation.



  5. They're creepo mommysboys-- mo' spinozaistic occult-y wankoffs.

    Believe it