Monday, April 23, 2012

Sometimes I become anxious worrying about things like the weather--the storm, for example, predicted for today. And I realize that anxiety is itself a kind of weather--a territory I have myself assembled.


I've been thinking quite a bit about "territory". It's a key term in the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze.

Semiotext(e) has recently issued Gilles Deleuze From A To Z, a set of 3 dvds in which Deleuze is interviewed by Claire Parnet on the following topics:

A as in Animal
B as in "Boire" (Drink)
C as in Culture
D as in Desire
E as in "Enfance" (Childhood)
F as in Fidelity
G as in Gauche (Left)
H as in History of Philosophy
I as in Idea
J as in Joy
K as in Kant
L as in Literature
M as in Malady
N as in Neurology
O as in Opera
P as in Professor
Q as in Question
R as in Resistance
S as in Style
T as in Tennis
U as in "Un" (One)
V as in Voyage
W as in Wittgenstein
X,Y as in Unknown
Z as in Zigzag

I watched the first disc yesterday which covered A-F. Am hoping to start the 2nd one today. Can't recommend it strongly enough.


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