Friday, January 4, 2013

A tone deaf uncoordinated overly self-conscious poet trying to teach himself how to play guitar.  So?!  It gives me frustration and it gives me joy.

  Occasionally, for seconds at a time, I groove.

 Weeks ago I spent 50 cents on a piece of pvc at a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store which I use as a slide.  One of the best 50 cents I ever spent.

So far I know 6 notes and a couple of chords.  I have very little talent/apptitude  but I do have some attitude here alone in my retired guy space.

Occasionally I eke something like a basic blues and I have some lyrics I'm considering.  I'm just saying...  Don't worry.  Just be warned.

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  1. Goot to know, Tom, that you're making some noise and having a good time. Happy 2013.