Monday, January 14, 2013

Some Notes

"...the kiss is an answer to the 'question that eludes the power of language,' which is nothing other than what Lacan calls 'Che vuoi?' (What do you want?), the question which concerns the abyss of the Other's desire, the abyss opened up by speech but for which every word fails.  A kiss is a clumsy and desperate measure to pacify this abyss by way of closing off its source through a direct intervention into the bodily Real. 'Shut up! Let my closeness to you close the gap which threatens to ruin our relationship!'  This is  the truth in the cliche about prostitutes who allow their customers to penetrate them but not to kiss them on the mouth--a signal that they do not want to surrender the abyss of their subjectivity to the closeness of a stranger."

--Slavoj Zizek, Less than Nothing: Hegel and the Shadow of Dialectical Materialism  (542)

I've often confused poems with kisses and the other way around.  Similarly I've often confused strangers with friends and the other way around.

"Clumsy and desperate."  I know all about that.  It's my modus.

Thank "God" for caller ID.

There's some truth in every cliche.

Che vuoi?  Io vorrei che tu e Lappo ed io...

Wanting to be swept away while one is standing still.


Practicing both guitars today and thinking about the difference in the sound, feel and action of each instrument.


If one touches oneself what is one touching.  There's a abyss there too, no?


Making music isn't easy.  Consuming it is way too easy.


What really seduced me in Wittgenstein's philosophy was his absolute agony over his inability to be certain about anything.  That's the mark of an honest man.


I'm leery of the figure of an abyss.  I'm equally afraid of becoming one.


As I've often written, in various contexts: Poetry, in terms of risk, is like an unsolicited kiss. Read smudge on a mirror.


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