Thursday, January 17, 2013

Earlier today I finished The Uncanny but the uncanny isn't finished with me.  Or The Uncanny for that matter.  There are some wonderful things in Mr. Royle's book.  I recommend it.  One of the things I learned from it is a term from rhetoric: hendiadys.  It's "(f)rom the Greek hen dia dyoin, literally 'one through two.'"  Royle writes that George T. Wright has described a hendiadys as "the use of two substantives, joined by a conjunction to express a single but complex idea."  One example that Royle goes on to offer from everyday English is the expression "house and home." All of this is roiling in my brain.  I think the seed has been planted for a list poem.

Another thing that I did earlier today was to write a paragraph at the request of Eileen Tabios.  I would (tip of the hat to Bob Newhart) eat bees for Ms. Tabios.


I know what I want to have happen soon in Appearances but am having a hard time figuring out some transitional things.  It's an interesting problem.


My love affair with Neil Young's CD Psychedelic Pill continues unabated.


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