Sunday, January 13, 2013

This morning I completed a homemade miniature book for Eileen Tabios' Chairs project.  It's in an envelope in a mail box now.  She should have it later this week.  Let's hope it arrives OK because it is an edition of one.  It's called The Chairman Speaks.  It's pretty short and maybe a little outrageous. It's comprised of a cropped photocopy of a drawing from one of my notebooks and a poem.   I like it, but now it's out of my hands.


I am one of those people who still subscribe to "hard copy" magazines.  One of the magazines I subscribe to is Artforum.  In the current issue there's a nice piece on Frances Stark, an artist who is new to me but who I was glad to be alerted to.

One of Stark's projects is a video called My Best Thing.  In the film, a "man" and a "woman" are represented by playmobil-like avatars.  The dialogue between these figures has its roots in real life online sex chats.  The exchanges are about way more than sex though.  And the distancing mechanism of the avatars makes some difficult exchanges easier.

Stark is someone I'm just beginning to learn about.  I can see already though that hers is a body of work I'm going to want to get to know.

I'm idly wondering if she'd be open to an interview.  But I'd want to do more homework before I tried to find out.


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