Sunday, January 27, 2013

Years ago I spent a stretch of time with a therapist who would give me a bit of shit whenever I said "I don't know."

I understand that she saw that as an evasive strategy on my part.  And at times, in context,  it was.

However, "I don't know" is one of my default positions.

I distrust certainty.  In myself and others.

Anything I "know" is open to question.  And, of course, that creates problems from time to time.

To admit the possibility that one might be wrong is to display weakness.  In the abstract that's not a problem for me.  In reality it can be a big problem.  There are people who want to take advantage of any perceived vulnerability.

I'm totally open to being wrong and reconciled to failing more often than I'd like.  Still, I don't trust anyone to understand that.

The only thing I'm certain of is that most people are misunderstood.

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