Friday, January 18, 2013


And you and I
And there and them
And who and how
And whatever and something
And a chord and a noise
And a person and a ghost
And a consonant and a note
And a rhyme and a reason
And a time and the lease
And a figure and a ligature
And a thought and a semblance
And on and with
And stories and aporias
And whose and was
And peoples and parsons
And apologies and epistemologies
And rivers and rivets
And lists and eyelids
And louvers and lungs
And traffic and kisses
And metaphors and meat
And division and sight
And quartered and dimed
And halved and had
And sung and sanguine
And past and repast
And feast and fist
And wrong and rung
And nigh and night
And so on and noone
And the news and a vowel
And avoidance and an abyss
And a hole and a hologram
And a poet and a post
And an order and another
And a sum and a seam
And the dark and the rake
And the sky and a skein
And an object and an objection
And a cymbal and an archetype
And a preface and a totem
And an and and an ore
And a hand and a hallucination
And an utterance and a shadow
And an anxiousness and a caress
And an Exhibit A and bees
And a clause and an affect
And a trap and a trip
And a flip and a fish
And a garage and an orange
And numbness and a part of speech
And a tent and an alphabet
And an intention and a sentence
And a conjunction and death
And a paragraph and a swimmer
And forever and ever
And foraging and getting older
And poetry and truth
And questions and remarks
And remainders and reminders
And synonyms and cinnamon
And a yes and a cloud burst
And traction and addition

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