Friday, April 26, 2013


“People assume
Too much”
Alan Davies
Told me
On Bowery
Street, NYC
Back in
The day,
Early eighties.

I’m an
Uneasy traveler.
I assume
That’s because
I don’t
Know where
I am.

I am
Assuming though
That there
Will be
A reckoning.

I reckon
That an
Assumption is
Something like
The weather
That one
Exists within.
Or perhaps
A coat
One wears
When venturing
Out in
Bad weather.

I assume
That assumptions
Are built
From funds
Of inexperience
As well
As experience.

I assume
That I
Am on
A path
To  _____.

I assume
A lot.

I assume
That you
Might want
To talk.

I assume
That we
Want more
From one
Another than
Can be
Easily given.

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