Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Did a lot of yard work this afternoon: mulching, digging, uprooting and mowing.  Happily the mower, which sat in the shed all winter, actually started on the first pull.  That, my friends, is some kind of record.

I, on the other hand, seem to be misfiring on all cylinders these days.  I'm having doubts, anxieties about Appearances.  Am trying to summon the resolve to stop, go back over everything written so far, and just get ruthless with it.  Right now though I'm exhausted and achy, really feeling my joints in a not altogether enjoyable way.  So it's probably not a good time.  I'm in one of those moods where everything seems very tenuous and fragile.

Beautiful weather today.  A nice change of pace.  Flowers are up.  The air's perfumed.  Birds are busy.  The squirrels are nuts.  Dogs are manic  And we've had more possum sightings in our back yard.

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