Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The world's getting smaller and smaller.  And the violence, the madness is getting closer and closer.  I was thinking yesterday afternoon about when I traveled to Boston some years ago and watched my brother John run  the Marathon.  I was thinking too about my brother Jim, the ironworker, who ran a crew at the World Trade Center after that disaster. He saw some horrible things. Then, too, Jim lives in Sandyhook, CT (which is sort of a subdivision of Newtown). His 4  kids, when they were younger, all attended Sandyhook Elementary.  Scarily enough, this list could go on.


  1. I like None of your fucking business as a response to this question because that person usually never asks again.

  2. I admire your efficiency, Rebecca. But here on the boulevard of broken dreams we like to inject a little schtick in the hope of avoiding being hit with, say, a stick.